You know what I’m saying?

Revenge of the blog!

Cowardice kept me away for almost two years (to be more precise would be against my math-hating nature) but I hath returned, and I now intend to post daily. You should of course expect a drop in quality.

Another change you should expect is a bit of personal writing. Well, not my feelings or any such thing, because I am a man and I don’t have feelings, but more specifically each post will not necessarily be a “review” of something any more. This might sound good to me because I am barely being propped up by Sudafed (I probably should have just used a PTO day at some point), but also because I don’t watch many movies these days at all, and my comic-reading rate has plummeted.

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about, anyway. Let’s just see which one if any you would like to discuss? There’s worse ideas I suppose. Happy Internet, everyone!

  • Spotify, piracy, and the devaluing of cultural production
  • Weight loss and corn subsidies
  • Republicans lying about things
  • The “first world problems” meme
  • Ethnic profiling (oh boy… to put it mildly)
  • Reality culture
  • The keyboard shorcuts on the WordPress reader (see above)
  • Nerd culture and its discontents
  • List making and OCD

Until tomorrow, humans!