Revenge of the babymen?!

And now for a total topic shift, one that’s been some time in coming.

It is a dark time for comics lovers. Those who like any kind of comics for themselves and not just for their adaptations in other media are more disgruntled than ever by Comic Con (I actually stopped reading comics for almost two years after my one and only visit). And a war is being fought between the pretentious elitists indie-lovers and the drooling spandex-loving decrepit sex-fearing babymen. One side feels (when they’re being nice) that it’s unreasonable and unproductive for such a large percentage of comics to be about superheroes (true), and even more unfair for so many dedicated comics stores to all but ignore anything not about superheroes (doubly so). The other side mostly wants to be left alone, since they are fairly content with things as they are and will continue to ignore all the other comics.

To begin with, much of what I talk about will actually be about superheroes, but in my view, at least, the solution to this is not to stop reading superhero comics, but to read more of other types of comics! You know, expand rather than contract. I will rarely ever suggest what can be done to save the industry, because I really have no expertise in that. I’m a grad school dropout and as such I am good at literary analysis (comics are sorta like literature after all) and at arguing.

In terms of comics arguments, what I would really like to do is break down the tendency to resort so quickly to ad hominem attacks on the people who had the termerity to like, say, New Avengers or The Flash: Rebirth. Those may indeed suck, but I reject the premise that a person sucks for liking something that sucks. Don’t get me wrong, fanboys definitely have their… foibles, and these will be attacked in turn (coming soon, why are fanboys racist? how much more racist are they than non-fanboys? and so on). But let’s try not to conflate things too much, if possible.

Next up, well it’s the aforementioned The Flash: Rebirth.


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