Gaming rainbow

For some reason, it really blows my mind that you can rent games for the current generation of home consoles at the Moreno Valley Public Library. I say “for some reason” because I currently have four comic book volumes (only one of which qualifies as a “graphic novel,” more on that onerous term later). and one DVD box set checked out from them, so not only should I be used to this sort of thing, but I am directly implicated in it. But this is too far, right?

Yet another reason why I should not be surprised, however, is that we have actual game consoles installed in my hometown’s public libraries (at least in the branch nearest to my parents’ house) which can be, unsurprisingly, a tad distracting when one is looking for stuff. My search for a link just now uncovered something really mind-boggling (sic), in fact:

School Age Programs
Game Play Mania
Ages: 8 – 11
Discover classic board games and play on high-tech X-box 360, PS3 and Wii consoles. Explore strategies to win and become a master champion game player!
45119 · 7/6 – 7/10
Mon – Fri · 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Fee: $105 / $95 Resident Discount

Well, uh… I guess a console, not to mention the games, would cost a lot more, but still, who in the hell would pay for that?

I’ve somehow become a gamer once again in the last seven months, but I still think that games are something that kids don’t need to be led to; this will probably not be a controversial suggestion for most readers (all one of you, I mean). I guess this all comes down to funding, but aren’t the costs of keeping up with the hardware (which will inevitably be broken by rambuctious kids) and software going to outweigh everything else (I really am dying to know if anyone signed their kids up for “Game Play Mania.” It doesn’t even sound like a good idea in terms of getting rid of your kids for a while!).’

The point, I guess, is that kids will game anyway, but they probably won’t read left to their own devices. That justifies comics, but maybe not so much DVDs, I suppose. More thoughts on this later, perhaps.


2 thoughts on “Gaming rainbow

  1. That does sound expensive. For 10 years I went without consoles and did all my gaming on PCs. You can download free emulators for old consoles and hook up a usb control pad to your PC, and pirate games if it doesn’t bother you.

    1. Yeah, PCs are a good deal for illegally playing old games, not so much (in my opinion) for playing new games due to all the hardware upgrade costs involved.

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